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Boiler Maintenance
*Maintenance Plans now available*

Boiler Maintenance
Expert Boiler Maintenance and Repair Services, Efficient Heating with Professional Boiler Service, Ensuring Boiler Safety & L

Maintaining your heating system is so important and is something that should be done every year to reap the benefits of a healthy long lasting heating system.


One of our Metric Plumbing professional technicians will come out to your home and ensure your unit is in the best possible shape.


Our yearly Maintenance will help with the following:

  • System Efficiency

  • A tune-up for your furnace is going to help it operate with better energy efficiency that i would otherwise start to lose throughout the season. 

  • Good Heating Performance 

  • It will remove and dirt, build-up or loose parts that could hinder your system’s operation, allowing it to perform as well as possible. 

  • Fire Safety

  • Gas furnaces have the potential to become unsafe without regular maintenance. Thankfully, scheduling those tune-ups will help to address any issues in the system before they escalate into a potentially dangerous situation with a more involved repair. 

  • Extending the units Lifespan

  • Yearly maintenance can extend your lifespan from 10 years to 15 years.


We have many company's we proudly use to keep your home warm and last you for decades. We service, sell and install boilers from the reccomended three companies:
 A well-planned maintenance program avoids unnecessary down time or costly repairs. It also promotes safety and aids in up to date boiler codes. An inspection schedule should be present in the boiler room and the log should be recording all maintenance activities. This provides a valuable guide to service professionals on how to best service your product.

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