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Drain and Sewer Cleaning
What is this and when will I need it done?

Here at Metric we understand how devastating a clogged drain can be to your home and property. What may seem like a small clog can be a dire situation with an invasive and expensive solution.  Our technicians at Metric Plumbing are here for you to help ease the anxiety and burden that come along with rectifying a plumbing disaster.


Some common signs to know if you are in need of a Metric Technician is when:

  • You have newly occurring Low Water Pressure

  • Bad Smells coming from the drain

  • Sinks and Toilets backing up or a gurgling sounds coming from the drains

  • Flooding in your yard

  • Slow Drains throughout the house


If any of these symptoms are occurring, please do not wait, call us at (973) 857-1535 to have a Technician inspect the issues right away.


There’s always something around the house needing repair, this includes frustrating clogs. Fortunately, here at Metric plumbing, not only will we unclog your drain, but we will provide you with the knowledge for keeping your drains clear.

We specialize in all types of clogged drains and sewer lines such as:

  • Sump pumps

  • Outdoor Drain Cleaning

  • Basement and Utility maintenance and cleaning 

  • Bathroom / Kitchen Maintenance and cleaning

If it is not a simple clog, we have the advanced sewer line camera technology that checks for other more serious issues.

Call Metric Plumbing at 973-857-1535 or 

ask us a question for further information

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