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How to protect your pipes, drain and sewer during the Holidays

With the holidays coming many people prepare big meals for their families. Thanksgiving Turkey and hams are delicious but can cause chaos in your pipes. No better time to discuss the do’s and don'ts of what can and cannot go into your drain systems.

When you cook with oil, grease, and fats, your first instinct is to pour it down the drain or rinse your pan in the sink directly after cooking. Unbelievably, pouring grease down the drain is one of the most common sources of plumbing issues.

In the article we will suggest ways to dispose of grease safely, effectively and without risking clogs or other plumbing complications. If you do encounter a clog, Metric Plumbing and Heating can provide solutions and arrive swiftly in the case of an emergency.

Why Is Grease dangerous for Your Pipes, Drain and Sewer System?

The grease commonly found in butter, meat , lard, vegetable oil, oil-based sauces and salad dressings can cause dangerous buildup. As they thicken and combine with other oil particles in the pipes they can congeal and cause a thick film along the inside of your pipes. If this happens, it can restrict water flow throughout your home and prevent your pipes from properly draining altogether.

The fatty acids from the grease gradually bind to the calcium found in the pipes (It will look like a waxy compound). As people flush increased amounts of grease down their drains, this substance will accumulate on the inner pipe walls

and form “fatbergs.” Think about an Iceberg, but with fat!

These products then solidify and bond to other non-biodegradable items such as baby wipes!

Over time, a tiny amount of grease and oil can cause substantial problems as these blockages will only increase in size, leading to the clogs the sewer line and the possibility of the sewer backing up into your home.

How Do You Dispose of Grease?

1. Let It Dry Completely

2. Scrape the Grease into a Separate Container

3. Throw It in the Garbage

4. Wipe Down All of the Pans with a towel before rinsing in the sink.

How can Metric help you?

While Metric Plumbing and Heating Inc. Has standard office hours, we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Please call us if you are concerned or need assistance at (937) 857-1585.

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