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Process Piping

Process piping systems are an essential part of many industrial facilities. Process piping is different then plumbing. While there may be similar, they have much different functions.


They also fall under different state, federal, and international regulations. Process piping must also adhere to OSHA standards for safe operation. Here at Metric process piping systems requires initial permits, inspections, and approvals.

How Metric can service your

Process Piping needs

We assist our customers with all aspects of process piping, including:

  • Installation by qualified welders and pipe fitters

  • Material selection

  • Routing design and implementation

  • Support design and installation

  • Manual and control valves

  • Testing (pressurized, vacuum)

  • Painting and labeling

  • Insulation

  • Heat tracing (steam, electrical)


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We adhere to all OSHA standards!

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